Card Price Guide - How to use Mavin to look up card values.

Price Guide for Cards

This article shows you how to look up the value of sports, gaming, and trading cards. Get real market prices... see what your cards are ACTUALLY worth.


Learn what details to include in your search.

You'll be looking up prices like a pro in no time! You just need to know what details to enter for your card in order to get an accurate price estimate. It can be tricky at first to figure out which details to include in your search, and which details are irrelvent and limit search results.

For example, a Pokemon card search might only require a few details, like card number and Pokemon name... whereas a baseball card might require more details, like year, brand or set name, player's name, and card number.

The guides below show you which details to include in your search so you get good results and accurate price estimates.



Enter the relevant details for your card. If you don't know what details to include, go to step #1.

For example, 1984 Topps Steve Yzerman.


Click Save! Track your collection's value.

Click the save button after you look up what your card is worth. Mavin allows you to save your searches, document your cards, and automatically track your entire collection's value. How much is your collection worth?

Click the save button to add the card and it's value to a collection.

The best place to look up card values is!