Mavin is designed for the dedicated card collector. We know how much your collection means to you. But we also know how time consuming it can be to keep track of its value. With Mavin, we wanted to provide a free, easy-to-use search engine that will allow you to get real-time data on what your cards are worth. Using our tool, we are confident you’ll reduce time and money spent on trying to determine the value of your collection. Simply search for your card, use the checkboxes to find listings similar to yours, and we’ll give you the average price. It’s magically simple.

How it works

Using historic and real-time listings from eBay, Mavin provides you with actual results you can see. With traditional price guides, you don’t know where their price estimates are coming from. Mavin allows you to see what cards have actually sold for on eBay. We also deliver present-day prices. Whereas other price guides are outdated the moment they are printed, Mavin gives you the most current values. Best of all, you can customize your search. We give you the ability to choose listings that are most similar to yours, giving you a price that is tailored to your card. Looking for more? Visit our “How To” guide.