Good News, Bad News About Those Sports Cards You Found

Every week we get dozens of comments from collectors that all look like this:

I was cleaning my mom’s attic and found several boxes of baseball cards. What are they worth?

In this blog, there’s good news and bad news. We’ll tell you why your cards might not be the moneymaker you hoped for and how to find out for sure.

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How to Use Mavin to Find Your Card Value

Mavin’s goal is to give you the current market value of your card in just a few clicks. Traditional price guides are outdated, incomplete, and a pain to flip through. Online price guides are difficult to use and it takes forever to find the card you’re looking for. And in both cases, you have no idea where they’re getting their data from. With Mavin, we make searching for your card a breeze and you choose the “data” to find out the most accurate market value for your card. In this article, I’ll give you tips on how to use Mavin to get the best results.

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Sports Card Price Guides

You can spend lots of money buying price guides, or waste lots of time searching online… or use this simple tool. We’ll show you how to quickly get an accurate estimate of what your cards are worth.

Collectors who are active in #thehobby have a general idea of what their cards are worth, and if they need to do a price check they usually have a go-to source for pricing information; either a Beckett magazine, a book, or website. If you’re new to collecting, or just getting back into the hobby, you’ll need to find your source for pricing information. This article the most popular ways collectors look up the value of their cards. Continue reading “Sports Card Price Guides”

What are your cards worth?

Like any other market, sports and gaming cards are governed by the laws of supply and demand. The scarcity of a card determines its price… how rare it is and how many people want it. This article talks about the factors that determine a cards value, and how to determine what your cards are worth TODAY. Continue reading “What are your cards worth?”