How do I look up what my cards are worth?

Type a description of your card in the search box. Include things like the year, brand, card number, name, or even a grade like “PSA 9”.

How do I refine my search?

Try adding more details to your search, or use the checkboxes to pick the cards that you want to use in your estimate. If you’re not sure which cards to compare, click the thumbnails to get more details on the cards.

What data are you using to generate a price?

We’re currently utilizing real-time market data from eBay, but we’re working to improve our database of comparable by building the next generation of Mavin that will utilize data from multiple sources.

How do you determine worth?

When you do an initial search on Mavin, we give you our best estimate of market worth. Our algorithm uses cards that have been sold in the past six months and then filters out the junk cards (reprints, lots, fakes, etc.). We determine the current market value of the card by matching the results together.

If you have more questions about how to use Mavin, we recommend you check out our “How To” guide.