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We’re excited to introduce a new monthly feature topic where we promote box breaks, events, or deals that we think collectors would be interested in. To kick this feature off, we’re talking about Collectosaurus and the Football Hit Crates that are currently available for pre-order by DMing them on twitter @Collectosaur (with free shipping) or live order on July 1st!

In many of our blogs, we seem to discuss baseball cards frequently since they are the most popular amongst collectors. However, there are many collectors who are diehard about football cards. If you’re one of those people, then you’re going to want to take a good look at purchasing one of Collectosaurus’ hit crates.

For those of you unfamiliar with hobby crates or hobby boxes, a crate contains items such as cards, figurines, memorabilia, and storage supplies – usually around a specific genre such as sport or team. These can range in price depending on the number of cards, different bonus items, and the overall hits that you receive. If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to build your collection quickly, then crates are a surefire way to get good bang for your buck.

Why Collectosaurus?
Their latest crates are focused on football and they include some fantastic cards. They have several price ranges and sizes of crates included (along with hit cases), but here is a breakdown of their most popular:

1st and 10 Hit Crate – $20

  • 1 Autograph and Relic Card
  • 2 packs (promo, blaster, retail, or hobby)
  • 2 parallel or serial numbered cards
  • 5 rookie cards
  • 5 insert cards
  • Assortment of base cards
  • Assortment of storage supplies
Packing 1st and 10 Crates (image: Collectosaurus)
Packing 1st and 10 Crates (image: Collectosaurus)

2 Point Conversion Hit Crate – $40

  • 3 Autograph and 1 Relic card
  • 3 packs (hobby or jumbo)
  • 4 parallel or serial numbered cards
  • 10 rookie cards
  • 15 insert cards
  • Assortment of base cards
  • Assortment of storage supplies
Two Point Conversion Crate Packing (image: Collectosaurus)
Two Point Conversion Crate Packing (image: Collectosaurus)

All included autograph/relic cards are brand/publisher certified. To see more details about the crates as well as the higher valued and team-specific cases, click here.

One great benefit of hit crates is there is a certain comfort in knowing you are guaranteed to get decent cards – whatever player they may be. In fact, one crate will have a 1989 Barry Sanders BGS 9 inside worth almost the entire crate according to the Card Mavin market value ($39). We really can’t recommend this deal enough to football card collectors whether they’re just starting out (great way to boost your collection) or a seasoned hobbyist trying to pick up a few hits for a bargain. If you do decide to purchase a crate, be on the lookout for their promotions.

As if getting the cards wasn’t enough, you can feel good about your purchase thanks to #CratesForACause. With every sale, Collectosaurus will donate 5% of proceeds to community members in need who love collecting. Their first sponsored member is Cindy Naylor, who is struggling with a brain tumor, and husband/collector Jim Naylor. Read more about their story below:

#CrateForACause provided by Collectosaurus
#CrateForACause provided by Collectosaurus

Purchasing info and more details are available on their site, but we thought we’d make it easier for you:

To order direct through PayPal with free shipping, contact them on twitter at @Collectosaur or via e-mail at esgross@fushulu.org to request a PayPal invoice.

Want to watch their packing process? Check out their behind-the-scenes video. 

Are you a seller, breaker, or collector with an event to promote? Reach out to us! We’re always eager to help out the hobby.

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