Value of Star Wars Cards

Some vintage and modern Star Wars cards can be worth thousands of dollars. This article will show you how to look up what your Star Wars cards are worth.

You’ll need a these details:

  1. Enter the word Topps.
  2. Enter the name on the card. For example Luke Skywalker, Millennium Falcon, etc.
  3. Enter the card number. For example 21, FQ-7, B-14, etc.

For example Topps Luke Skywalker CA-2

If you get too many results…

Add more details to your search that describe your card, or use the checkboxes to pick a few results just like yours. This gives you a much more accurate estimate of what your Star Wars card is worth.

If you don’t get enough results…

Remove some details from your search. Try to broaden the number of results. For example, instead of searching for “Topps Luke Skywalker CA-2 Art Series 1“, you might try simplifying your search to “Topps Luke Skywalker CA-2“.

For example…

I have this mint condition Luke Skywalker card that I got in a pack of Topps Star Wars cards.

Front of Star Wars card I'm looking up the value of

Back of Star Wars card I'm looking up the value of

When I search for Topps Luke Skywalker CA-2 it comes back with an average price of $5.08 based on 3 results that have sold recently.

Mavin estimated value of Star Wars card

What to do next…

If your Star Wars cards are worth a lot of money you could get them professionally graded by a company like PSA. Authenticated cards will sell for a lot more than non-authenticated cards. If your cards are worthless, don’t worry… just hang onto them for a few decades. As the Star Wars brand continues and new collectors get interested, the value of your Star Wars cards will likely increase. They don’t have to valuable to still be enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “Value of Star Wars Cards”

  1. I have a stack of star wars of trading cards from back in the day. I believe they come in green, yellow, red, and orange colors. Plus I have the sticker ones also. I was just trying to see if they’re worth anything.

    1. Try typing the copyright year, the character name, and a card number if you it has one. Enter something like this: “1977 Star Wars sticker #1” into, and then go from there by picking comparables that are just like your card to get a really accurate price of what they’ve sold for recently.

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