Celebrations Set List

The Pokemon Celebrations set contains 50 cards, 25 in the base set and 25 Classic Collection reprints. See the complete set checklist and current market prices.
Pokemon Celebrations Set Checklist

The Pokemon Celebrations set is a special expansion set in the Sword & Shield Series released on the 25th anniversary of the trading card game. There are two subsets that make up the Celebrations set… a 25 card base set and a 25 card reprint set they’re calling the “Classic Collection”.

Cards in the base set have their own set symbol and are numbered 001 through 025, while cards in the classic collection have their original card numbers and set symbols. The Classic Collection is comprised of reprints of famous and valuable cards from the past. The reprints in the Classic Collection are easy to identify by the big yellow 25th anniversary logo next to the character window.

The list below is a complete list of cards in the Celebrations base set and Classic Collection. Click on the cards to see their current market value.

ReleasedOctober 8, 2021
Cards50 cards

Celebrations Base Set

001Pokemon Celebrations card 001/025Ho-OhRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
002Pokemon Celebrations card 002/025ReshiramRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
003Pokemon Celebrations card 003/025KyogreRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
004Pokemon Celebrations card 004/025PalkiaRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
005Pokemon Celebrations card 005/025PikachuRare Holo Pokemon card rarity symbol
006Pokemon Celebrations card 006/025Flying Pikachu VHolo Rare V Pokemon Rarity Symbol
007Pokemon Celebrations card 007/025Flying Pikachu VMAXHolo Rare VMAX Pokemon Rarity Symbol
008Pokemon Celebrations card 008/025Surfing Pikachu VHolo Rare V Pokemon Rarity Symbol
009Pokemon Celebrations card 009/025Surfing Pikachu VMAXHolo Rare VMAX Pokemon Rarity Symbol
010Pokemon Celebrations card 010/025ZekromRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
011Pokemon Celebrations card 011/025MewRare Holo Pokemon card rarity symbol
012Pokemon Celebrations card 012/025XerneasRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
013Pokemon Celebrations card 013/025CosmogRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
014Pokemon Celebrations card 014/025CosmoemRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
015Pokemon Celebrations card 015/025LunalaRare Holo Pokemon card rarity symbol
016Pokemon Celebrations card 016/025Zacian VHolo Rare V Pokemon Rarity Symbol
017Pokemon Celebrations card 017/025GroudonRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
018Pokemon Celebrations card 018/025Zamazenta VHolo Rare V Pokemon Rarity Symbol
019Pokemon Celebrations card 019/025YveltalRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
020Pokemon Celebrations card 020/025DialgaRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
021Pokemon Celebrations card 021/025SolgaleoRare Holo Pokemon card rarity symbol
022Pokemon Celebrations card 022/025LugiaRare Pokemon card rarity symbol
023Pokemon Celebrations card 023/025Professor’s ResearchRare Holo Pokemon card rarity symbol
024Pokemon Celebrations card 024/025Professor’s ResearchRare Ultra Pokemon card rarity symbol
025Pokemon Celebrations card 025/025MewSecret Rare Pokemon card rarity symbol
Standard Set Rare – Rare Pokemon card rarity symbol
Holo Rare – Rare Holo Pokemon card rarity symbol
Holo Rare V – Holo Rare V Pokemon Rarity Symbol
Holo Rare VMAX – Holo Rare VMAX Pokemon Rarity Symbol
Ultra Rare – Rare Ultra Pokemon card rarity symbol
Secret Rare – Secret Rare Pokemon card rarity symbol

Celebrations Classic Collection

2/102Pokemon Celebrations card 2/102BlastoiseClassic Collection
4/102Pokemon Celebrations card 4/102CharizardClassic Collection
8/82Pokemon Celebrations card 8/82Dark GyaradosClassic Collection
9/95Pokemon Celebrations card 9/95Team Magma’s GroudonClassic Collection
15/82Pokemon Celebrations card 15/82Here Comes Team Rocket!Classic Collection
15/102Pokemon Celebrations card 15/102VenusaurClassic Collection
15/106Pokemon Celebrations card 15/106ClaydolClassic Collection
15/132Pokemon Celebrations card 15/132Rocket’s ZapdosClassic Collection
17/17Pokemon Celebrations card 17/17UmbreonClassic Collection
20/111Pokemon Celebrations card 20/111CleffaClassic Collection
24Pokemon Celebrations card 24_____’s PikachuClassic Collection
54/99Pokemon Celebrations card 54/99Mewtwo-EXClassic Collection
60/145Pokemon Celebrations card 60/145Tapu Lele-GXClassic Collection
66/64Pokemon Celebrations card 66/64Shining MagikarpClassic Collection
73/102Pokemon Celebrations card 73/102Imposter Professor OakClassic Collection
76/108Pokemon Celebrations card 76/108M Rayquaza-EXClassic Collection
86/109Pokemon Celebrations card 86/109Rocket’s Admin.Classic Collection
88/92Pokemon Celebrations card 88/92Mew exClassic Collection
93/101Pokemon Celebrations card 93/101Gardevoir exClassic Collection
97/146Pokemon Celebrations card 97/146Xerneas-EXClassic Collection
107/123Pokemon Celebrations card 107/123DonphanClassic Collection
109/111Pokemon Celebrations card 109/111Luxray GL LV.XClassic Collection
113/114Pokemon Celebrations card 113/114ReshiramClassic Collection
114/114Pokemon Celebrations card 114/114ZekromClassic Collection
145/147Pokemon Celebrations card 145/147Garchomp C LV.XClassic Collection
Classic Collection Classic Collection – Classic Collection

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